Antelope Orion 32 into Cubase,

ProTools or Reaper with plenty of

plugins by Universal Audio, Soundtoys,

Fab Filter, Softube, Brainworx, Valhalla

and many, many more.


Tascam MS-16

1″ 16 track tape machine


HHB Burn It Plus CD Burner





AKG 414B-ULS (x2)


Audio Technica 4033

Audio Technica 4050

Audio Technica ATM450 (x2)

Audio Technica Pro 37R

Audix D6Beesneez BU67

BeyerDynamic D71C

BeyerDynamic M201 (x2)

BeyerDynamic M160

BeyerDynamic M500

BeyerDynamic M88 (x2)BeyerDynamic MC930 (x2 - matched pair)BLUE Mouse (transformer version)

Cathedral Pipes Regensberg Dom

Coles 4038 (x2 - matched pair)

Electrovoice PL20

Lawson L251

Lawson L47FET

Lawson L47MKIMXL 2001

   w/ Royer tube mod

Naiant Omni’s matched pair

OktavaMod Apex 205 ribbon (x3)

OktavaMod RSM-5 ribbon (x2)

OktavaMod MK319

Oktava MK012 (x3)

Omnicraft OM924 (AKG D12 rebranded)

SE Electronics X1D (x4)SE Electronics SE4400ASennheiser 421 (x2)

Sennheiser 441

Serrano S87 (x2)

Shure KSM137 (x2)

Shure KSM141

Shure Beta 181 (X3)

Shure Beta 52

Shure Beta91

Shure SM7

Shure SM57

Shure SM98 (x3)

Slate VMS ML2

Soundelux U195 (x2)

Stager SR-2N

Stam SA-47

Sank modded ribbon

DIY modded Apex 205 x2




B&W 805 Matrix speakers

Dynaudio LYD 48 & 9S sub

powered by Jim Williams

modded Adcom 545


Audio Scape v108

AudioScape opto

AudioScape 76A

Chandler Germanium Mic Pre/DI (x2)

Chandler Little Devil mic pre/DI (x2)

CAPI VP26 (x6)



Hairball Audio Bronze (x2)

Hairball Audio Copper

JLM Audio dual 99V (x2)


Hamptone JFET - 2 channels

Sebatron VMP4000e - 4 channels

Stam 1073MPA

Stam SA-3A

Stam SA-4000 MKII

Yamaha SPX900




Ampeg 8x10, 4x10, 1x15

Marshall 8x10 (low wattage amps only!),

Mesa 4x12 oversized w V30s; 1x15 w EV15L

Peavey VTM era 4x12 with GT85s

Custom 4x12 with Fanes; 1x15 with EV15L




Ampeg SVT2

Ampeg SVT mid 70s

Ampeg V4

Ceriatone HW2202 HW (2203 clone)

Fryette Deliverance 60

Peavey 5150 combo

Sovtek Mig60

Orange Tiny Terror

Yamaha T50 modded to Soldano specs




Antonio Drums custom oak log snare 6.5x14

Custom steel snare (14x7) - weighs 40 lbs

Custom bell bronze snare (14x7)

Custom stave marblewood snare (14x6.5)

DW Brass snare (14x6.5)

Gretsch cast aluminum (14x6.5)

Gretsch solid steel snare 14x6.5

Inde aluminum snare 15x5.5

Jenkins Martin fiberglass kit (24,22,16,13)

Keplinger black iron snare (14x7)

Ludwig Black Beauty snare (14x6.5)

Ludwig marching snare (14x10)

Ludwig acrolite snare (14x5)

Ludwig LM402 supraphonic (14x6.5)

Noble & Cooley solid shell maple snare (14x7)

Sonor Lite (birch: 24, 22, 16, 14, 12)

Sonor Phonic (beech: 12, 13)

Sonor D456 (ferromanganese 14x6.5)

Tama Starclassic Masters (birch: 22,16,13,12)

Tama Artstar II (maple: 22,16,12,10)

Tama Granstar Custom kit (birch: 24,16,14,12)

Tama Big Black snare (14x8)

Trick aluminum snare (13x5.5)

Yamaha tour custom (mahogany / birch) 24,16,13




Fender Jazz bass

    (MIM with significant upgrades)

Ibanez Artist AR200 with Gibson pickups

Yamaha acoustic

M Audio Keystation 88

Many, many virtual instruments