PHD is set up to feel like more of an informal rehearsal space rather than a recording studio.  That said, we have some great gear and many years of experience.  The live room is split in two - typically one is live and the other dead, but both can be changed.  They are separated by a wall with a sliding glass door, that provides adequate sight lines with negligible bleed  - which works well for folks who wanna track live.


Perhaps most importantly, I have made more than 500 records in the last 20+years and I am adaptable to many different approaches - tracking one instrument at a time, with or without scratch tracks, tracking vocals live, playing to clicks, etc.  First and foremost, this is your record - you call the shots and I'm never going to tell you "no."  That said, I am comfortable communicating my opinions when asked or if that expectation is made clear.


I feel like the best approach for creating a comfortable environment is to book an adequate amount of time.  I do work quickly and I have made plenty of LPs in one day, but that does create a great deal of pressure for the bands and in my experience does not yield the best results.  Most bands are tracking within 2 hours of walking in the door, but it can go a million different ways from there.  Obviously being prepared and knowing what you want are tremendous pieces that really help move sessions along.  So have your guitars and basses set up recently and have some spare strings and drum sticks.  I know getting gear around is not always so easy; we have many drum kits, snares, hardware, guitar and bass cabs as well as some amps on hand.  Just let me know what you need.


I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.



Phone:  215-837-4309